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EPL2is - Electronic Position Light

EPL2is - Position Lights with Power-Beams


We have further modified the well proven EPL2 and now it became a full member of our „Intelligent Syncronization“ system.

In addition, the brightness of the Power Beams was raised by our special and new developed lens optics.

The EPL2is is embedded together with its integrated entire control element in high-optic, scratch resistant plastic module.

The EPL2is has a brilliant green and red light with modulated beacon impulse for better perception.

The wingtip lights are prewired to allow easy connection to a 2-lead cable of minimum 0.4 mm² cross section. Flanges allow simple fixture. In addition, it can be affixed to the fuselage or rudders by means of a silicon adhesive. Installation instructions and the for the mounting of the EPL2is required shrink tubing are included in the package.

Synchronization cable

The EPL2is has an additional yellow synchronization cable to synchronize the left and right EPL2is (see wiring diagram). However it is not mandatory to connect the synchronization cable. The EPL2is will also work without problems if the cable is not connected. Is the snychronization cable not connected (asynchronous mode), the ending of the yellow cable has to be isolated.

Intelligent Synchronization

The integration of our well proven Intelligent Synchronization allowes a chronological sequence of power consumption for the connected anti collision lights and prevents battery and generator from becoming overloaded.

Mounting instruction



Technical Specifications

Label Description
Color Red und green
Operating voltage 10 - 17 Volts (DC), typically: 12.8 - 13.4 Volts (on-board power supply)
Wattage each EPL 4.5 Watts (approx.)
Dimensions 3.5 x 1.8 x 1.3 in / 89 x 45 x 34 mm (L x B x H)
Weight 76 Grams (approx.) including connecting cables
Warranty 5.000 operating hours or max. 3 years