JMH Innovations LLC

Custom-made products

OEM-products possible: we build customized versions by request!

In addition to our standard-portfolio we develop and build position lights on customer request.

As an alternative to in-house development, our customers participate in OEM-products which are based upon our long lasting and intensive research and development and our high experience in production process.

The development of our technical convincing solutions is individually adjusted to particular needs of our customers. This concerns both electronics and the sophisticated software control system as well as the the casting in high-optic plastic modules.

In a substantial process of coordination, the customer's needs referring to shape, angle of light, as well as light intensity will be fixed. A special advantage is the fitting accuracy to the aerodynamics of the plane and therefore also an integration of lightening into the plane's design.

We are happy to advice you, please give us a call:

Jürgen Thiesen
+49 (0) 66 41 / 979.110

Examples of our self developed products of which manufacturers alreday could participate:


Landing Light


ACL for DG1000

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