JMH Innovations LLC

For more safety in the airspace: See and be seen!

We have the right LED-Lights for your:

Please note: All lights are non TSO's and therefore only to be installed on Lights Sport Aircraft (Ultra Light), Experimental or Amateur Built Aircraft, Annex II Aircraft or to replace lights that have already been outfitted by the aircraft manufacturer with Thiesen lights.

A Thiesen-Electronics"ELL60"Landing Light can even brighten up a sunny day!

Our representative in the US, Mr Jim Hardy, demonstrates by nightfall the signaling effects of the Thiesen-LED-Avionic-Lights.


'I was at AirVenture Oshkosh 2019 all week, and flew daily, displaying the very capable and highly visible light systems by Thiesen Electronics Gmbh. I was honored by the Judges granting me the "Bronze Lindy" award for "Home Built Helicopter." The uniqueness and brightness of the Lighting system we...

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