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ACL-UAV-12V - Electronic Anti Collision Light with FLARM-Interface and remote control input for unmanned aircrafts


ACL-UAV-12V for fuselage and tailplane installation

Especially for unmanned aerial vehicles, we developed the ACL-UAV-12V.

By the use of LEDs of the newest generation, we were able to achieve a brightness that would have been inconseivable a few years ago, whereby the power consumption could be aligned to the requirements.

In addition it has a remote control input and can be switched on and off ba a radio control unit with a pulse lengt of 1-2 msec or by potential free contacts (Relay).

The extremely bright, red rotating sequencing light flash has a beacon angle of 360° and is visible at 30° below and above the horizontal plane.

Because it is is completely sealed in high grade optic plastic like all our LED position lamps/ACLs, it is water and even saltwater resistent. As all electronic components are integrated in the ACL, there is no additional place for a black box needed and the only required mounting space is given by its dimensions.

For easy connection, the ACL is already provided with a 1,5/0,25 mm² four-wire-cable. It can be installed on the fuselage or tail plane by its flange footing and some additinal silicone.

A detailed installation instruction and shrinking tubes are included.


As world first we integrated a FLARM-Interface in a anti collision light for unmanned aerial vehicles in order to make the airspace more safe. The signals provided by the connected Power-FLARM unit increase the light pulses and therefore rises the attentivness.

Mounting instruction



Technical Specifications

Label Description
Color Red
Operating voltage 10 - 17 Volts (DC), typically: 12.8 - 13.4 Volts (on-board power supply)
Wattage 8 Watts (approx.)
Interface FLARM and Remote Control
Diameter 1.7 in / 44 mm (approx.)
Height 1.5 in / 39 mm (approx.)
Flange to flange 2.4 in / 61 mm (approx.)
Drill hole 0.18 in / 4.5 mm
Weight 85 Grams (approx.) including connecting cables
Warranty 5.000 operating hours or max. 3 years