JMH Innovations LLC

Wind Generator - GenniPod II


The GenniPod wind generator will keep your battery charged when using a 12VDC ignition system (009 distributor and coil) with a hand held radio and GPS going - without battery loss.


The GenniPod is designed for use on Experimental and Ultralight Aircraft and has been tested up to 110 mph, but at 70 mph - it delivers 4 amps at 13.5 volts.

Mounting of the GenniPod is very simple - the flange that circles the body just behind the impeller has more than adequate strength for a bolt on mount. Hook up couldn't be simplier! Just two wires - positive and negative. You add a generator switch, a 5 amp breaker, wiring and a small battery.


This wind generator was designed and built by JMH Innovations LLC for use on EXPERIMENTAL and Ultralight Aircraft. We at JMH have found a growing need in the experimental and Ultralight field for a generation system with a higher capacity than currently available, without the high pricing of the certified units currently on the market.

This system depends on quality parts obtained from both the Automotive industry, and a new solid state voltage regulation system developed especially for this generator. No other units can match the cost, or output of this unit. GenniPod has been designed for 13.5 volts at a 4 amp output. On the initial test aircraft, this was sufficient to power, Instrument panel gauges, GPS, NavCom, VW Ignition, and a fuel transfer Pump for those long cross country flights, (OSHKOSH!) Targeted airspeed for this unit was a cruise of 75 mph, and an aircraft Vne of 110 mph. (FFP Youngster V)


Most will choose to mount their GenniPod with hose clamps to keep the install very simple. However, there is a flange that circles the body just behind the impeller that has more than adequate strength for a bolt on mount.

Your GenniPod is delivered ready to mount to your airplane. Two wires for Positive and Negative, will be linked to your electrical system. A generator switch, (supplied by yourself) a 5 amp Breaker (also supplied by yourself), and wiring linking the GenniPod to our system is all you will need to have on hand. These items were not supplied to allow you to supply items that will best meet your needs, and to keep our pricing to minimum. (A small motorcycle lead acid battery is required)




Regulator max input 55 VDC @ 8 amps
max output 13.5 volts @ 8 amps
Weight Regulator 1 oz.
impeller 3 oz.
Generator Body 2 lbs 4.5 oz.
total 2 lbs 8.5 oz.