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Elektronische PositinsLichter

Required material and accessories for assembly:



Our recommendations


Depending on the wingspan of your aircraft, we recommend a twisted flexible cord of 0.4 – 0.5 mm² wire cross section for the Position Lights. For the LED-ACL, we recommend a twisted flexible cord having a wire cross section of 1.5 mm².



Commercially available transparent Silicon adhesive in a tube is found to be the ideal material. It is available in most construction material and do-it-yourself stores. Its adhesive effect is excellent and, if the LED-ACL needs to be dismantled, a sharp knife will do the job. We do not recommend using other types of adhesives like polyester or epoxy resins.


Screw fitting

An approx. ø 4 mm x 30 -35 mm long countersunk metal screw is sufficient for fixing the EPL on the wingtips, if the EPL has been affixed earlier with a thin layer of Silicon adhesive. For the LED-ACL two metal screws (M4) of approx. 15 - 25 mm length are required depending on the mounting location. We recommend affixing with Silicon adhesive in order to prevent twisting and to ensure sealing against dirt and water. Similarly, for GFK wingtips a suitable countersunk metal screw is sufficient. When selecting the screws make sure that they are anti-corrosive. If secured rivets or clamping bolts are considered for assembly use metric countersunk screws such as the M 4 x of 30 to 35 mm length. Ensure that the EPL is mounted in the direction of flying parallel to the longitudinal axis and horizontally in the flying position of the aircraft.


Power supply/cable connection to 12 V on board power source

The most durable joint is achieved by neatly soldering the connecting points and by securing the solder joint with a shrink tube (included). Please use only electronic Sn solders – and never Sn with a soldering paste. Soldering pastes contain acids which can cause corrosion.
Compulsorily make sure that the cables are mounted carefully even within the area. The cables must be laid firmly and should not rub against other surfaces. Luster terminals are not suitable for joining the cables. Generally, specialist stores offer a variety of suitable crimp connectors.


Maintenance tips

If unexpectedly the EPL gets scratched, use a good polishing material to polish off the minute surface scratches. If the scratches are slightly deeper, the area can be carefully ground with 800-1000 wet sand paper and again polished. Never use corrosive chemicals like cello-solve thinners, gasoline or other solvents for cleaning the surface.

Use only normal soap water for cleaning.



Mounting Instruction

Position Light
Position Light 2 (EPL2)
Position Light 2is (EPL2is)
Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram ELL



For viewing the mounting instructions you need  Adobe Reader.

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