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Elektronische PositinsLichter

Operation principle of EPL

The perception of light decidedly depends on its intensity (luminosity) and its color (brilliance). A continuously flashing light is, of course, perceptible, but it receives less attention. Maximum perceptibility is achieved only when pulsated flashing light is modulated over the normally high basic brightness incrementing 4x the brightness in a cyclic sequence.


    Seconds impulse with 4x brilliance   Brilliance   Seconds impulse with 4x brilliance
  Superimposed flashing in switched on state


This enormously increased level of perception is especially required under conditions of poor visibility due to adverse weather, following the adage: See and be seen.

In direct comparison with conventional Position Lights which are operated with light bulbs, the EPL has clear advantages such as:

This technology is enabled through consistent use of latest materials and innovative SMD microelectronics in combination with a new generation of LEDs.


Explanations to the diagram:

A 4x brilliance is modulated over the permanently luminescent basic brightness in cycles of seconds. Without getting damaged the LEDs tolerate such overclocking within the permissible range of their operating limits. On a long-term basis, a light bulb would not be able to handle this.

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