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Elektronische PositinsLichter

Application range for the EPL

The EPL, EPL-Taillight, ERB and ELL has been developed solely for mounting and using on Experimantal aircraft, LSA aircraft and ultra-light aircraft equipped with 12 Volt on board power supply. The ACL2 is only for use on ultra-light aircraft.

However, we cannot answer questions at this point regarding possible changes to the statutory provisions / development and/or approval procedures and the time.

We once again draw your attention to the fact that we have developed the EPL while taking all aspects of safety into account. However, extension of flight operational times as per the definition of a "day" cannot be derived from it.

The usage of an EPL is subject to the conditions governing "appliances for aviation sports" exclusively within the provisions of VFR.



EPL rechte Seite
Right wingtip edge
EPL rechte Seite
EPL rechte Seite
Left wingtip edge
EPL linke Seite


EPL rechte Seite





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