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Elektronische PositinsLichter

Dear Aviator friend, dear Customer!

Position Light redBy choosing the Electronic Positioning Light (EPL) you have decided on a new and highly innovative product that can enhance safety in the air space for all of us.

The new LED technology enables now an unbelievably brilliant, red and green light at just approx. 10% of the power input as compared to conventional bulb type Position Lights. Due to the casting in a high-optic plastic module the EPL is absolutely insensitive to water, vibrations and other environmental influences.

The efficiency factor of luminosity is much higher than that of conventional bulbs. Thanks to this technology the inherent heating is within safe limits.

Position Light greenIn addition, the thermal balance is controlled electronically to prevent overheating when mounted in a casing. However, as a precautionary measure adequate ventilation must be present, if mounted in a casing (mounting behind a glass) to rule out thermal build-up within the casing. In conventional Flash or Position Lights this aspect must be taken into account by designing it accordingly.

The Electronic Position Light is provided with a reversible (automatically resetting) fuse element within the circuit as protection against surges; it responds to overloads/ excess current and cuts off automatically. Once the operating voltage returns or the voltage drops back to normal the functioning of the EPL is restored. The automatic protective circuit will respond instantly if the voltage exceeds 18 volts and, if the voltage drops, the fuse element becomes again active.


The set includes 2 EPLs for ultra-light aircraft for the right and left airfoils or for mounting on the wingtip edge.




Please download the order form, fill in the requiered fields and send it back as fax or by post.

Download order form (~50 kb)


Position Light redAssembly

The "Taillight" Position Light for ultra-light aircraft is intended for mounting on the fuselage end or on the rudder fins (provided that a contoured cone is available). The angle of light complies with the specified angle of 140° in general aviation.


Mounting Instruction

Postition Light
Wiring Diagram


For viewing the order form i. e. the englisch instructions you need  Adobe Reader.

Updated: 28.04.2014 - 15:38