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FlyRes – the Web Flight Reservation system

For whom is this Software intended?

FlyRes – the Web Flight Reservation system, as the name itself suggests, is a web-based utility program for flight reservations.
Airliners are its target group.


What can the program do?

The script only needs to be installed on a server that supports MySQL and PHP and any logged in user can make flight reservations through his Internet browser conveniently from his desk.

By activating the option to send status information regarding a reservation, change or cancellation to different email addresses every user can receive updated information.

In addition, each flight has administrators who will be authorized to change or cancel any reservation.

The view for the month provides a general overview of availability of different flights.

To obtain more accurate information on availability, the view for the month can be zeroed into the view for the day.

And the best thing about it is that ... it is totally free!

The FlyRes Web Flight Reservation system is Open Source Software. It is subject to the "GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE" which, as is common for all Open Source Licensing, means that you are allowed to freely copy, modify and pass on the script to others.


Requirements for the server:

If your provider does not offer these services, we can offer our help at affordable prices. Convince yourself of our offer of Internet services.



Convince yourself of the comprehensive functionalities of FlyRes the application for Flight Reservation system
right here at Online-Live-Demo.
This Demo Version includes all features of a full-version, with the exception of sending emails.


You can test FlyRes – the Web Flight Reservation system.

Download FlyRes – the Web Flight Reservation system [Version: 0.9.18 (50 KB)]

If you need, we will be glad to provide technical support to you from installation to total solutions including Hardware.


Bug fixes / ChangeLog and ReadMe

Recent bug fixes are stored under ChangeLog.
The README file contains information about installation and updates for an older version.


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