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Story of JMH Innovations LLC

The story of JMH Innovations LLC

One of James E Hardys friends is Jürgen Thiesen, a pilot friend from Germany. Their friendship developed from there interest: aviation.

They are both pilots - James is a professional and Jürgen a amateur pilot. Jürgen Thiesen turned his hobby into business. As CE of his own company, the Thiesen elecctronics GmbH, he developed several positon lights and a landing light for ultra-light and experimental aircrafts.

First meeting 2006 in Mainz
(James E Hardy & Jürgen Thiesen)

In March 2006 James E Hardy visited Germany and met his friend Jürgen in Mainz. Jürgen brought along his new developed Electronic Position Lights (EPL). Right from the start James brim over with enthusiasm for the lights. He felt confident of the technology of which the EPLs were made and realized the big advantage: enhance safety in the air space for all of us.

After a long and informative exchange of ideas James came to the decision to build up the JMH Innovations LLC to make his contribution to safer air space.

So James E Hardy respectively JMH Innovations LLC serve the american area with position / anticollision / landing lights.





James E Hardy (President)
Marcia L Hardy (CFO)

JMH Innovations LLC

427 Hidden Valley Road
Valley View TX 76272


e.Mail: info@position-lights.com
Internet: www.position-lights.com


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