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NEW - NEW- NEW - Wind Generator GenniPod 26.09.2008

Wind Generator - GenniPod

Now available – keep your battery charged

The GenniPod wind generator will keep your battery charged when using a 12VDC ignition system (009 distributor and coil) with a hand held radio and GPS going - without battery loss.

The GenniPod is designed for use on Experimental and Ultralight Aircraft and has been tested up to 110 mph, but at 70 mph - it delivers 4 amps at 13.5 volts.

Now available - Einbautubus ELL 16.05.2008

Fitting system for cowling mounting

Now available – fit-up aid for cowling mounting for our ELL

Material : fiber optics epoxy
gross weight : 35 gram

The automatic ventilation duct of the cooling air is guaranteed by using this fitting system for cowling mounting.

NEW - NEW - NEW - Electronic Rotating Beacon (ERB) 15.02.2008

Electronic Rotating Beacon - ERB

Due to continuous development of our Anti Collision Lights we now can offer an ACL in LED-Technology which allows a longer lifetime and less weight at same brilliancy compared to a conventional Xenon-Flash based ACL.

Our ERB is worldwide the first ACL in LED-Technology which accords to the FAR23 regulations.

Electronic Landing Light - lighter and thinner 22.01.2008

Electronic Landing Light - ELL

Due to continous development of our Landing Light (ELL) we managed to optimize the weight and the height of the ELL. The Weight was reduced from 275 g down to 230 g. The installation depth decreases by 5 mm to 35 mm.

Aero 2007 18.04.2007

In 2007 we presented our new Electronic Landing Light - ELL with integrated ACL in addittion to our other Lights at the Aero in Friedrichshafen.

Position Lights on seaplanes 03.08.2006

Our electronic LED Position Lights are also used on "experimental seaplane aircraft".

Thanks to its advanced design our EPLs are resistant to water and seawater and, therefore, ideally suited for use in seaplanes as well.

Winglet in Australia 22.02.2006

Currently, our new Winglet ACLs for gliders are undergoing trials in Adelaide / South Australia.

A Schleicher ASH 25 is being used for these trials.

Aero 2005 10.02.2006

The ACL-Winglet for gliders and the EPL and ACL for ultra-light aircraft were presented in cooperation with the DAeC Büro für Flugsicherheit at the Aero 2005 in Friedrichshafen (Germany).

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